Japanese monk

Zen monk at Shuokuji temple Kita-Komatsu, Lake Biwa, Japan

Bridal Couple

Uni, Japan (between Kyoto and Nara): I walked up and quickly took this shot with their prior permission as they were posing for a hired photographer, prior to their wedding.

Chiangmai Monk

Still in Love

Seoul couple out for an evening at an outdoors restaurant

Cambodian Monk

Sieng Reap

Michael Welles

Seoul, Korea

Korean monk

Lives in temple in the NE corner of South Korea

Mckeogh Family Portrait

Irish-Mongolian family portrait with Killaloe, Co. Clare in the background

Working Man Joy

Seoul,Korea with outdoor umbrella lights

Korea World Cup Supporter

2002 Seoul World Cup

Korean Quaker

Seoul, Korea

Mongolian Cowboy

Mixed heritage Mongolian-Russian in NE Mongolia

Mongolia Morning Feeding

Orphaned lamb being fed by farm girl in NE Mongolia

Tahitian Cousins

Mo'orea, French Polynesia

Alan Timblick

Seoul expatriate gentleman

Seoul Barmaid

Itaewon, Seoul

Mongolian ranchers

NE Mongolia

Lao Woman

Outside of Luang Prabang, Laos

Cambodian Orphan

Near Phenom Penh, Cambodia

Luang Prabang Market Beauty


Seaniche Storyteller

Co. Kilkenny

Mongolian Ranch Hand

NE Mongolia

Mongolian Festival Rider

Choybalsa, Mongolia

Mongolian Cowboy

NE Mongolia

Marketplace Character

South Korea

Korean Traditional Dance Master


Taihitian Mother & Daugter

Mo'orena, French Polynesia

Portrait of an Artist

Koo Eun-ji, Seoul

Korean Gothic (1979)

Farmer couple in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Korean Gentleman (1979)

Korea Folk Village, Suwon

Tahitian Brother & Sister

Mo'orena brother and sister

Traditional Farmer (1976)

Okcheon, Chungbuk, South Korea

Balinese Hindu Priest

Kuripan Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia


Village Wiseman, Bali

Kuripan Tabanan, Bali January 2012

Balinese Fantasy, Ubud

This photo's credit should be shared with Johannes Siahaya who set up this shot. He arranged the model and it was his idea for her to wave the scarf. I was assisting him and I captured what he was shooting, but from a different angle, and then applied my own approach to post processing.

Javanese Dancer

Indonesian Woman

Korean Painter's Portrait

Candid photo at a New Year's Eve party

Balinese Morning Market Vendor

Denpensar, Indonesia

Laughing Fruit Vender

Denpensar Morning Market, Bali

Korean War Vets, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Somme Museum near Belfast, July 2012

Irish Mechanic

Shot at BHSL, outside of Ballagh, Co. Limerick. Warehouse open door used for back light with flash through white umbrella to serve as key light in addition to ambient light.

Balinese Temple Guide

Balinese Village Elder

At a cremation ceremony, January 2012.

Balinese Village Gentleman

Kuripan Tabanan, Bali, Indonesia

Bali Cremation Procession Drummers

Balinese Grocer

Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

Balinese Hindu Priest (hatted)

Bali,Jankuary 2012

Inquiring Monk

Buddhist monk, Lamphun, Thailand - December 2012

Thai Forest Monk

Wat U Mong, near Chiangmai, Thailand

Chiangmai Night Market Vendor

Sunday Walking Street Market, Chiangmai, Thailand

Balinese Boy on Scooter

Balinese Father and Daughter


Bali Temple Girl

Next to Denpensar Market (version3)

Fr. Patrick James Mcglinchey, Jeju, Korea

Internationally Honored Rural Development Irish Missionary

Thai Elephant Trainer

Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

Café Oldster, Seoul, Korea

3-exposure image, shot from my lap.

Oregon Man's Portrait

Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

Korean Grandfather - 1975

Eumseong marketplace, Chungbug

Korean Traditional Candy Maker

Insadong, Seoul, Korea, Dec. 3, 2011

Gouda Traditional Candlemaker, Holland

US VP Joe Biden's Impassioned Speech

Yonsei University, Seoul Korea

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's Impassioned Speech

December 6, 2013 Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

Thai Monk in Procession

Rangsit, northern Bangkok, New Year procession, 2014

Countryside Temple Monk

Ang Thong, Thailand

Bangkok Sisters Street Vendors

2-exposure HDR

Korean Neighborhood Holiday Procession

Neighborhood procession of housewives during Daeboreum, the first full moon day of the lunar calendar, in the traditional Bukchon part of northern, Seoul, Korea.

Monk Ordination Celebration Musician

Ang Thong (north of Bangkok)

Monk Traveler at Rest

By Erwon Shrine, downtown Bangkok, Thailand

Young St. Pat's Irish Girls

14th Annual Irish Festival, Seoul

Irish Trad Accordian Player

Meeting room florescent lighting only, Seoul Rotary Club Irish Night

Migrant Fishermen on Korean Boat

Port Jukbyeon, Gyeongbug, South Korea

At sunset, on a Korean mountain fortress

Seo Jang-dae, Suwon

Intha Woman of Myanmar

Nyaung Swe market (Inle Lake), Myanmar

Myanmar Old Woman

Paoh Tribe Grandmother, Nyaung Swe Market (north shore of Lake Inle), Myanmar

Monk at Sule Pagoda, Yangon, Myanmar

Visiting monk agreed to have his photo taken; made from 3 exposures.

Student in a Coffee Shop

Chungmuro, Seoul, Korea

Myanmar Girl

Yangon suburban circular train

Twante Township Baby

Near Yangon, Myanmar

Yangon Tatooed Man

Photographed from the Yangon Circular Rail, Myanmar

Yangon Begging Novice


Piping at St. Patrick's Day Festival

2015 Festival held at D-Cube of Shindorim Station, Seoul, Korea

Senior Monk

Head monk at Shutoku-ji, Kita Komatsu, overlooking Lake Biwa, Japan

Small Town Shop Girl, Myanmar

Early Morning Novice Monk

Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar worker,

Yangon suburban railway station

Maiko Strolling in Gion, Kyoto

Maiko (apprentice geisha) in Gion, Kyoto

Junior Apprentice Maiko at Dusk

Shot in the Gion District of Kyoto. This girl is of middle school age which is obvious by her very youthful appearance and indicated by her not applying lipstick to her upper lip.

Getting Inked - Gangnam Style!

Chelsea Votel getting tatted at Inkholic in Gangnam, Seoul. This image is made up of three overlapping images shot from a tilt shift lens.

Tattooed Woman in Korean Palace

Chelsea Votel in Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul

Dutch scholar of N Korean art in Seoul

Pushing the envelope on the museum’s flash photography restrictions, we got this 3-exposure image of Maaike who studies gender roles in North Korean art. This is from a portfolio on tattooed people, ‘Seoul Ink.’

A J Garcia of the CARE Dog Rescue Shelter

Coexistence of Animals Rights on Earth (CARE) dog shelter in Gimpo, near Seoul, Korea [www.careanimalrights.org]

Gimpo AJ Garcia Pano

AJ Garcia at the CARE (Coexistence Animal Rights on Earth) dog rescue shelter in Gimpo near Seoul (www.careanimalrights.org) - part of the ongoing Seoul Ink project.

Traditional Elder

Yangban in Geogchang, Gyeongnam, South Korea

Korea Punk

Bad Hands, Mullae-dong, Seoul

Korean Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artist Miki Kim at Bad Hands Tattoo Works, Seoul

Veteran journalist, Don Kirk, at his favorite Seou

This is the closest I’ve used the 3-exposure tilt shift lens for a portrait. I shot from a tabletop tripod, across the dining table.

Burlesque Dancer

Burlesque dancer Nell Fox at Skunk club, Seoul - part of my ‘Seoul Ink’ portfolio

Seoul school girls hamming it up

Sandra Forster Portrait

Tilt shift lens pano portrait in Seoul’s Gyeongbok-gung palace grounds

Thai Gothic

Wat Ban Rai Nakhon Ratchasima Province

Hindu Temple Guard

Yangon, Myanmar - Feb. 2016

Morning chat on the Yangon River, Myanmar

Yangon River ferry, Yangon, Myanmar

Morning Buddhist Nun

Nyuangshwe, Myanmar

Morning marketplace prayers

Nyuangshwe (Inle), Shan State, Myanmar

Morning Market Vendor

Nyunagshwe (Inle), Myanmar

Temple Attendant

Mt. Popa, Myanmar

Novice Monk

Mt. Popa, near Bagan, Myanmar

Elderly Buddhist monk

Indein village (Inle Lake), Myanmar

Early morning market woman

Inthe tribe woman, Nyunagshwe (Inle), Myanmar

Early morning market ladies

Nyangshwe, Maynamar

Flower & Fruit Vendor

Nyuangshwe Market, near Inle Lake, Myanmar

Elder Monk

87-year-old retired high school teacher turned monk Yangon River ferry, Myanmar

Smashed Punk Guitar, Busan

Rob Brogan, manager of Beached Cafe & Sports Bar, Gwangalli Beach, Busan, Korea

Pub Manager

Robbie Wagner, manager of Beached Cafe & Sports Bar, Gwangalli Beach, Busan, Korea

Korean Punk Rockers

Wild Boar Byun & Min-ho Hyun at Vinyl Underground in Busan, Korea

Filipina Ink

Smoke Break at the Vinyl Underground

Minhee Kim-Tharp at the Vinyl Underground in Busan, Korea

Big Banana at the Vinyl Underground

Busan, Korea

Smoke Break, Korean night club

Wild Boar at the Vinyl Underground in Busan, Korea

Looking Back in Ink

Leizel R Beattie at the Vinyl Underground in Busan, Korea

Guitar Man

Minho Hyun, Busan, Korea guitar instructor at the local Vinyl Underground night club.

Yangon morning Muslim

Departing from Yangon River ferry at Nanthida Jetty, Yangon, Myanmar

Chiangmai Monk

Three Journalists Relaxing

Expat journalists in Seocheon part of Seoul

Yeoju Maket Jolly Vender

Yeoju, Gyeonggi-do (Korea) market ajumma vender, November 2011

Pansori singer Park Eunjeong

Pansori singer Park Eunjeong, at Dongwhamun Gugak-dang, across from Changdeok-gung (palace)

Korean Protester

December 12 one million-person anti-Park Geun-hye demonstration, taken at Seoul Plaza in front of Seoul City Hall.

Korean Restaurant Owner

Sogeum Gui-jip (grilled meat restaurant) owner, Naejadong, Seoul

Bali Temple Guide

Goa Gajah Temple Hindu temple guide near Ubud

Littlest Worshipper

National Memorial Chorten, Thimpu, Bhutan

Madam Chunim

Madam Chunim in her home Punakha, Bhutan

Young Buddhist Monk

Punakha Dzong, Bhutan

Bhutanese archery spectator

Changlimithang Archery Ground, Thimphu, Bhutan

Bhutanese Pilgrim, Thimphu

Chorten Memorial piigrim

Bhutanese Farm Woman

Bhutanese farmer, Punakha Valley I had to go back and check on the camera setting (f/7.1 @ 250mm), since the surprising shallow depth of field created a 3D effect. The woman was standing at a distance and on land that overlooked fields slightly below her, thus adding to the out-of-focus bokeh effect.


Long-term Seoul resident Jeremy Seligson

Balinese Village Elder

During a cremation ceremony in central Bali, Indonesia

Shop Attendant - Paro, Bhutan

Traditional arts shop sales girl, Paro, Bhutan