A Drinking Moment in Seoul

A serious moment over makkolli, Jongro 3-ga, Seoul

Seoul Forest Path

North of Gyeongbug palace (Biwon/Humon Garden) in northern Seoul, Korea

Seoul Skies

Korean Traditional Dance Master


Korean Drumming

Traditional drumming at US Ambassador's Residence, Seoul

Light Patterns

Hand-held time exposure of marketplace neon light displays

Artist's Umbrellas

Cheongyecheon, Seoul

Autmun Palace View

Changdeok-gung Palace, Seoul, Korea

Buddha's Birthday Parade Dance

Lantern Festival, Seoul

Hwagye-sa temple, Seoul

Child Friends

Buddhist temple, Seoul

The Date

Insadong, Seoul, Korea

Korea World Cup Supporter

2002 Seoul World Cup

Seoul Barmaid

Itaewon, Seoul

Working Man Joy

Seoul,Korea with outdoor umbrella lights

Korean shaman making offering

Seoul, Korea 2011

Michael Welles

Seoul, Korea

Alan Timblick

Seoul expatriate gentleman

Korean Quaker

Seoul, Korea

Still in Love

Seoul couple out for an evening at an outdoors restaurant

Portrait of an Artist

Koo Eun-ji, Seoul

Korean Fishmonger

Seoul, Namdaemun Market, February 2012 - while South Korea has rocketed into the 21st century, one can still find such scenes in some back alleys that have not change in the past 50 years.

Seoul Sunset

Youido, Seoul, Korea with Han River

Korean Traditional Candy Maker

Insadong, Seoul, Korea, Dec. 3, 2011

Café Oldster, Seoul, Korea

3-exposure image, shot from my lap.

Seoul Back Alley Moment

Insadong traditional neighborhood in northern Seoul.


Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea - April 2012

Spring Day Street Corner, Seoul

Jongro-gu, Gahoe-dong - April 2012

Autumn Leaf Study

Changdeok-gung, Seoul, Korea

Autumn Palace Window, Korea

Changdeok-gung (palace), Seoul, Korea

Sunburst Over the National Assembly, Seoul

Yeouido Island, Seoul, South Korea

Rat Poison Vendor, Seoul (1978)

Traditional Seoul

Secret Garden's Frozen Pond, Seoul

Changdeok-gung Palace, Biweon Garden

Frozen Pond and Pavilion, Seoul

Biweon ("Secret Garden) of Changdeok-gung Palace, Seoul, South Korea.

Korean Traditional Winter Garden

Biweon ("Secret Garden" within Changdeok-gung palace, Seoul, Korea

Korean Neighborhood Holiday Procession

Neighborhood procession of housewives during Daeboreum, the first full moon day of the lunar calendar, in the traditional Bukchon part of northern, Seoul, Korea.

Winter Leaves, Korea

Shot in Biwon, Changdeok-gung (palace), Seoul, Korea

Snowy Pond Pavilion Among the Trees

Biwon "secret garden" in Seoul's Changdeok palace compound, Korea

Morning Glow over Changdeok Palace

Seoul, Korea

Morning After Snowfall

Biwon Snowy Morning, Seoul

UNESCO site Changdeok palace's Biwon (secret garden), Seoul, Korea

Approching Sukjang Gate

Changdeok Palace, Seoul, Korea

'Lotus Loving' Pavilion in the Snow

Aeryeon-jeong Pavilion, Biwon Secret Garden, Seoul, Korea

Neglected Survivor, Seoul

Jongro 4-ga, Seoul, payphone

Young St. Pat's Irish Girls

14th Annual Irish Festival, Seoul

Irish Trad Accordian Player

Meeting room florescent lighting only, Seoul Rotary Club Irish Night

Korean Garden Snowy Road

Changdeok-gung's Biwon (Secret Garden), Seoul

Bubble Max Master

Insadong, Seoul

Bubble Man at Sunset

Insadong, Seoul, Korea

Korean White Poppy

Samchong Park, Seoul, Korea

Spring Flowers on Namsan, Seoul

Korean White Magnolia

Namsan Park, Seoul

Korean Spring Garden Pond

Biwon Garden, Changdeok Palace, Seoul, Korea

Aeryeonjeong Pavilion, Seoul

Biwon garden of Changdeok Palace.

Buddhist Nun Cymbal Dancer

Buddha's Birthday Lantern Festival, Seoul, Korea

Modern Day Icon

Jaedong, Anguk, Seoul, Korea

Morning Sun at DDP, Seoul

Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

Seoul Station Escalator

Subway exit to Seoul Railroad Station, Korea

June Moon Over Palace Roofs

Seoul, Korea

Banana Vendor's View of Seoul Back Alleys

PatBingSu Girl - Gangnam Style!

Gangnam, Seoul

Summer Evening Silhouette

Seoul, Korea

July Moon over Seoul's Changdeok Palace

Early summer evening at sunset, looking away and towards the moon. Royal palace roofs in the foreground. Three-exposure HDR.

Above the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul

Rainbow over a School

Jungang High School, Seoul

Grand Hyatt Seoul on Namsan at Sunset

Looking up at Namsan mountain in downtown Seoul, Korea at sunset.

Seoul Hangangjin Bus Stop

Always take a camera with you - it can be amazing what you discover while walking home.

Hangangjin Overpass, Seoul

Near Hannam-dong

Great East Gate Late Night Visitor, Seoul


Dondaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

Korean Dusk

Goyang, Gyeonggi-do

Seoul Christmas Tree Lights

Lotte Department Store Plaza

Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul

Taken from Korea Research within the H Tower building

Cheonggyecheon Stream at Dusk

Dongdaemun district, Seoul, Korea

Dongdaemun Design Plaza Gallery

Seoul, Korea

Student in a Coffee Shop

Chungmuro, Seoul, Korea

Piping at St. Patrick's Day Festival

2015 Festival held at D-Cube of Shindorim Station, Seoul, Korea

Framed View of Northern Seoul

Looking north from the mezzanine deck within the Museum of Contemporary History in Gwanghwamun, Seoul

Korean Roof Tiles

Jongmyo Confucian complex, Seoul

Seoul Zoo Lift at Sunset

Seoul Neighborhood Scene

Gyedong, near Anguk, northern Seoul, Korea, using a 45mm tilt shift lens, shifting to make a panorama view.

Our neighborhood grocery

Gyedong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea

Getting Inked - Gangnam Style!

Chelsea Votel getting tatted at Inkholic in Gangnam, Seoul. This image is made up of three overlapping images shot from a tilt shift lens.

Traditional Seoul Neighborhood

Traditional cheap eatery open for early business on a summer morning in the Gyedong portion of Bukchon, northern Seoul. Shot made up of three images shot with a tilt shift lens.

Summer Dusk in Seoul

In a traditional neighborhood in northern Seoul. Image made of multiple photos using a tilt shift lens.

Gyeongbug Palace, Seoul

Gyeongbok Palace Grounds, Seoul, Korea

A J Garcia of the CARE Dog Rescue Shelter

Coexistence of Animals Rights on Earth (CARE) dog shelter in Gimpo, near Seoul, Korea [www.careanimalrights.org]

Gimpo AJ Garcia Pano

AJ Garcia at the CARE (Coexistence Animal Rights on Earth) dog rescue shelter in Gimpo near Seoul (www.careanimalrights.org) - part of the ongoing Seoul Ink project.

Korea Punk

Bad Hands, Mullae-dong, Seoul

Lovers’ Final Goodnight

There is a bit of a story behind this Seoul bus stop shot. After attending a Rotary club dinner where I was serving as event photographer, I stumbled (bad choice of words) upon this scene after drinking a fair amount of red wine. The young man stepped away from the location, as you see it, to continue to talk to his girlfriend while showing his male friends her image. I took a number of test exposures, sans the young man. I then went over to the man and spoke in my more fluid (adjective carefully chosen) Korean than usual, asking him to re-enact the prior moment. (I have almost never done this.) To my delight, he was more than cooperative and posed exactly as I first spied him without any prompting from me. With just one shot, I got it. I’m pleased the exposure of his smart phone matched the overall exposure. And, of course, I really liked the overall gesture of the moment - even if re-enacted. Sometimes the most under-appreciated camera accessory is a good bottle of red wine.

Animal Rights’ One-man Protest

In front of Seoul Mayoral Residence by AJ Garcia, protesting around the clock, the city zoo’s breeding of excess animals for sale to butchers. Within two weeks, his and his Korean wife’s efforts succeeded in the zoo changing their policies.

Korean Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artist Miki Kim at Bad Hands Tattoo Works, Seoul

Central Seoul at Sunset

Veteran journalist, Don Kirk, at his favorite Seou

This is the closest I’ve used the 3-exposure tilt shift lens for a portrait. I shot from a tabletop tripod, across the dining table.

Burlesque Dancer

Burlesque dancer Nell Fox at Skunk club, Seoul - part of my ‘Seoul Ink’ portfolio

Seoul school girls hamming it up

Gyeongbok RedLevesPavilion HDR

Red maples and Hyangwonjeong Pavilion in Gyeongbok-gung, Seoul, Korea

Sandra Forster Portrait

Tilt shift lens pano portrait in Seoul’s Gyeongbok-gung palace grounds

Palace Doors in Autumn

Open door/windows to theYeongyeong-dang in the Biwon garden of Changdeok palace grounds, Seoul

Seoul Autumn

Samchong Park, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea

Traditional Seoul Lane

Bukchon street, Gahoe-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea

Seoul Snowy Roofs

Snowstorm in northern Seoul (Bukchon), Korea

Seoul Subway Reflections

Seoul, early spring, 3 women

Reflections on a Leafy-bottom Pond

Samcheong Park

Seoul Cherry Blossoms

Behing Jogye Temple, northern Seoul

Seoul Cherry Blossoms

Samcheon Park, Seoul, Korea

Korean spring window

Yeongyeong-dang witin Biwon of Changdeok Palace, Seoul, Korea

Changdeok gung Gwallamji AuroraHDR

Gwallamji (Peninsula Pond) within Biwon of Changdeok Palace, Seoul

Korean Gate in Spring

Gate from Seongjeong-gak within Changdeok Palace grounds, Seoul, Korea

Spring Magnolia

Samcheong Park, Seoul, Korea

Korean Railroad Station at Dusk

Geumchon Station, Gyeonggi-do, north of Seoul, Korea

Just Before Buddha’s Birthday

My neighborhood prepares for Buddha’s Birthday!

Traditional Korean Entrance

Front entry to a han’ok house turned into a restaurant in the Bukchon traditional section of northern Seoul.

Korean Dancer

Modern dance based on traditional movements, Jamsil Arena, Rotary International Welcome Festival

AOA at Jamsil Arena

Performing during the International Rotary Convention’s Welcome Festival during May 2016.

Korean Palace Wall in Moonlight

West wall of Changdeok-gung during a full moon, Seoul

Past Midnight, Seoul

Gyedong, Seoul, Korea, past midnight...

After Closing Traditional Restaurant

Yongsusan Restaurant after closing hour by Changdeok-gung, Seoul

Seoul Subway Station at Noksapyeong

Noksapyeong Subway Station, Seoul, Korea

Blue Bike

Wonseo-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul

Past Midnight Korean Palace Gate

Gwanghwamun After Midnight, Seoul

Three Journalists Relaxing

Expat journalists in Seocheon part of Seoul

Gwanghwamun Plaza after midnight,

Seoul, Korea

Northern Seoul after midnight

Early morning near the Presidential ‘BlueHouse’ in northern Seoul, Korea

Summer in Soul

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Summer evening stroll in old town

Insadong district, Seoul, Korea

Gwanghwamun Plaza Fountain Kids

Summer dusk fountain horseplay in front of Admiral Yi statue on Gwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul, Korea

Korean House Skyline

Traditional han’ok house in northern Seoul community of Woneseo-dong, next to Changdeok-gung palace.

Millennium Tower Strollers

Millennium Tower in the background in the Jonggak area of northern Seoul, Korea

Moon over Seoul

Wonseo-dong, Bukchon, Seoul, Korea

Pojangmacha scene, Seoul

Pojangmacha soju drinking, Jongro 3-ga, Seoul, Korea https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pojangmacha

Bridge Water Sculpture

Bridge Water Sculpture at Seoul Arts Center, Seokcho, Korea

Exiting Seoul Arts Center

Exiting Seoul Arts Center, Seocho, Korea

Woman on the Plaza

Seoul Arts Center plaza, Seocho, Seoul

Seoul Alley

Gyedong dusky alley, Anguk, Jongro-gu, Seoul

Dusk in Old Town Seoul

Gyedong (Bukchon) at dusk, Seoul Korea

Water Sculpture Detail

Pedestrian Bridge Water Sculpture Detail, near Seoul Arts Center, Seocho, Seoul, Korea

Biwon Back Wall Clouds

Back Wall of Changdeok-gung at dusk, Seoul, Korea

Stinky Creek

“Stinky Creek” on 8th Army Garrison at Yongsan Base, Seoul, Korea

Big Bang

Seoul’s annual fireworks festival on the Han River, Korea

Fireworks Festival

2016 Seoul Fireworks Festival, Korea

Twin Giant Spinners

Twin Giant Spinners over Youido 2016 Seoul Fireworks Festival

Checking the Smartphone

Seoul’s traditional part of town, Bukchon (Gyedong, to be precise)

Moon Over Seoul Apartments

Wonseo-dong, Jongro, Seoul

Behind the Buddhist Temple at Night

Jogye Temple during the Chrysanthemum Festival

Back of Main Hall

Jogye-san (Jogye Temple), Seoul, Korea

Makkolli Time!

Drinking makkolli in the Insadong part of Seoul, Korea

Checking Messages While Protesting

Nov. 12, 2016 anti-South Korean president protests in downtown Seoul

Korean Union Protesters

Railroad labor unionists demanding S Korea President Park Geun-Hye to resign, on Seoul City Hall Plaza. This was part of a one million-person protest on Nov. 10, 2017.

Korean Traditional Pond

A corner of Gwallam Pond within Biwon (Huwon) gardens of Changdeok Palace grounds, Seoul

Korean Restaurant Owner

Sogeum Gui-jip (grilled meat restaurant) owner, Naejadong, Seoul

Yangwon Industrial Sunburst

Autumn sun over Yangwon, Korea

Gwanghwamun Mass Candles

Candle-lit protests against Korean Pres. Park Geun-hye, in downtown Seoul, on Nov. 12, 2017.

Gwanghwamun Protest

Buddhist study group joins mass protest demonstration in front of iconic Gwanghwamun palace gate, Seoul

Buddhist Women's Protest

Gentle protesters, strong message: “Park Geun-hye Resign” Seoul, Korea

Royal Quarters in Autumn

Yeongyeong-dang royal retreat, Biwon (Huwon) gardens within Changdeok Palace, Seoul, Korea

Korean Doors and Windows

Palace doors within Biwon Garden in Changdeok Palace, Seoul, Korea

Sunrise Over Mt. Bugak, Seoul

Early morning over Bugak mountain in northern downtown Seoul, Korea


Long-term Seoul resident Jeremy Seligson

Seoul Reflections

Mirroring reflections along Seoul’s original major boulevard of Jongro.

Just Before Sunrise over Buggaksan, Seoul

Ten 28mm vertical images merged to make this pano.

Seoul Town Runner

Korean Village Runner

Pre-Sunrise Skies

Nature’s five-minute 5:30 am display over Buggaksan in northern downtown Seoul

Sunday Afternoon Activities

Seochon, northern downtown Seoul Three photos from desperate moments merged to capture a location’s activities.

Seocho Sunday Afternoon

Seochon, northern downtown Seoul Composite of 4 images, using a tilt/shift lens

Lotte World Tower, Seoul

Opened this spring, Korea’s tallest building.

Study of Dark Clouds over Bukgak, Seoul

Northern Seoul, Korea

Just before 6:00 AM over northern Seoul

Six vertical shots, taken from my roof top on the base of Inwangsan mountain, merged to form this panorama.

Guards at Deoksugung palace, Seoul

Ceremonial guards in downtown Seoul

Seoul Autumn Sun Burst

Famous estate turned geisha (giseng) house turned Buddhist monestary in northern Seoul on an autumn day.

Dog Walking in Seoul

Autumn Forest Ruins

Late Afternoon Seoul Neighborhood

Cheongun-dong, Jongro-gu, Seoul with Buggak mountain in background

Sunburst over Inwangsan, Seoul

Late afternoon sun over northern Seoul, Korea

Autumn Meets City

Autumn forest at city edge, northeast slope of Inwangsan, Seoul

Surviving Korean Alley

One of the disappearing traditional alleys in traditional parts of Seoul. This one is in the popular Insadong district in the northern part of the city.

Seoul's Snowy Dusk

Shot from Marriott Namsan Courtyard Hotel on the edge of the Myeongdong shopping district in northern Seoul, Korea.

New Year Moon

Moon over Buggak Mountain in northern Seoul on New Year's Day

Study in Black & White, 2017

Paper art exhibit's paper cup, Seoul

Buggak mountain and high school

Gyeonggi Commercial High School below snowy Buggak mountain, Seoul, Korea

Familiar landmark, less familiar perspective

Koreana Hotel reflecting the Seoul Finance Centre, Seoul, Korea

Snow Midnight in Seoul

At midnight, in the Cheongun-dong in northern Seoul.

Seoul Street Reflections 1

Korea Grafitti & Trash

Hongdae District, Seoul, Korea